Prodigy Glass Works

posted Apr 28, 2011, 2:36 PM by K Coombes

Today our group visited Prodigy Glassworks in Oak Park's Art District. This is a great place whether your kiddo is an artist or just likes to look at and make really cool stuff. Prodigy has both a gallery and glass blowing studio on premise and offers classes for all ages. Today our kiddo's made pendants, magnets and snack plates. The process is simple and fun for all ages. Start with a clear piece of glass, glue on your glass beads, frizzle, shards, or chunks until you're happy. Once your design is complete, leave it in Prodigy's capable hands and they will "fuse" the glass together in a kiln process. In a week or so swing by to pick up your work of art and viola, you've created a masterpiece, an heirloom and a lovely piece of art all in one.

Matt was so great helping us set up our classes so please give him a call if you'd like to try this too.