WHAG - Activity Group

WHAG is short for "Westside House Activity Group". We meet weekly on Mondays, October - April. The Activity Group is volunteer-led and is free of charge. Please consider a donation to the Friends of the Library in lieu of a class fee. 

When:               12:30 - 2:00
Age:                  All ages
Skill Level:        None
Fee:                  None, unless you would like to contribute to copying fees.
Capacity:          50+, space available

1st Monday - Math & Parent Support
Games are set up in groups of varying math skills. Children explore, play and work with the materials that are most appropriate to their skills, with a parent guide to get the game started.  Once the math games are underway, parents gather to discuss whatever is on their mind.

ThPre-Computation Math Group includes games and activities centering on sorting, counting, patterns and logic. 
The Computation Math Group includes games and puzzles covering skills like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, time, money, measurement and geometry. 
The Advanced Math Group works with more complicated forms of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Additionally they practice algebraic equations, logic puzzles and more through various games and activities such as Equate, Muggins, dice and card games. 

2nd & 4th Monday - Writers Workshop
We have an opening activity, which the children may choose to work on, or they may choose something else. Stations include a mailbox, writing prompts and an illustration activity like stamping or picture cutting. The session will end with sharing time. 

3rd Monday - Book Club
The children are divided into three groups, according to age and skill level.
The Littles have a traditional story time and a related craft or activity. Typical age range: 0-6
The Middles discuss their book choice and work on a variety of activities related to the story. Typical age range: 7-12
The more Advanced Readers have a book club discussion based on reading selections previously made by the kids. Typical age range: 12+

If you have any question please feel free to contact us